This past week, I participated in the Epic MegaJam with a team of people I randomly met on the Unreal Slackers Discord server. We unfortunately had last minute issues that prevented us from finishing the submission process, so we didn’t qualify to be judged on our project. Nevertheless, we’re all proud of what we were able to accomplish and learn despite how it all ended.

The theme for this year’s MegaJam was As Above, So Below, so my team decided we would make a third-person zombie shooter in which the player has the ability to shift between different dimensions (the above world, and the mysterious underworld in which players are invisible to enemies). I wanted to create a custom music system using MetaSounds, Quartz, and Blueprints that could adapt to different basic game states on the fly, and could also change depending on which “world” the player was in. Here’s a video of me demonstrating the systems:

I learned a lot about managing different music states and creating “procedural” music by recombining different layers. There’s a lot that I can’t wait to build on and improve for future music systems!