Music is the foundation of my career, with a focus on orchestration, original music, and arrangements. Over the last decade or so I’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, spanning video games, films, TV shows, live concerts, and albums.

Selected works are available for listening below, with a comprehensive list of my credits available on my credits page.


Orchestration is a key aspect in the music creation process in which a musical composition is arranged for an orchestra or other ensemble. It plays an important role in bringing a composer's musical vision to life in a way that is both expressive and technically effective.

Original Music

Much of the music I’ve written throughout my career has been uncredited work for various high-profile projects. Below is a selection of music I’ve released under my name.


Arranging video game music was one of the ways I began exploring music production when I was in junior high. Below is a selection of arrangements based on music from some of my favorite games. Further down are links to some projects I’ve created or collaborated on.